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Hello, everyone, this is Shehbab Ali and today in this article I want to talk about the best and cheapest monthly web hosting service of 2019. So read this complete article.

Here in this article, I do not want to talk about those web hosting service providers which claim that they are offering the cheapest monthly hosting but they billed annually.

After reading this article you will be able to host your website on a good monthly web hosting service.

Here I am talking about the Host Lelo hosting service. This is an old and good hosting service which is offering SSD premium hosting services and also the DMCA hosting services.

This article is not sponsored by Host Lelo hosting service because they do not have any kind of affiliate or referral program and this is the reason they believe in good service, not only on growing customers. And I have personally a good experience with them.

There is only one drawback of this hosting service. They only offer monthly web hosting and they only billed monthly which means you cannot buy their hosting on an annual basis.

If you are comfortable with this then read more about their hosting plans which are as follow:

They are currently offering various type of hosting like Shared Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, Reseller Hosting, DMCA Ignored Hosting.

If you are a beginner and going to put your first step in the blogging field then I will suggest buying their Shared Hosting Plans which will fit in your small budget and you can start your website or blog very easily.

In the Shared Hosting they are offering two types of hosting plans which are as follows:

  • Premium Shared Hosting: In this hosting service you can only write or upload your own content. And if someone flags your website for copyright content then this hosting service shut down your website after receiving the DMCA notice.
  • DMCA Shared Hosting: In this hosting service, it’s upon you to write your own content or you copy someone content which I do not recommend to do. But in this, your hosting provider does not shut down your site but you have to deal with the copyright owner by yourself. (Note: Do not copy any other content in any form create your own original work and enjoy).

If you are going to start a blog like me so Premium shared hosting will be fit for you.

Their starter plan is starting from $1 (Rs 69 approx.) per month. And in this plan, you will get 10 GB of SSD storage with Unlimited Bandwidth, with free SSL, 1 Email account, Free website builder and Control Panel also. And It also provides you Softaculous Application Installer which will help you to install WordPress, Drupal, and any CMS for any kind of website or forum in just a few minutes in a single click. And in this plan, you can only host 1 Domain name or 1 website.

In their Professional plan, which is starting from $3 (Rs 207 approx.). In this plan, you will get 30 GB of SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth with free SSL but here you can host 3 websites with 3 Email account. And in this plan, you also get the Control Panel and other similar services like in their starter plan.

In their $5 (Rs 345 approx.) plan, you get 50 GB of SSD storage and here you can host 5 websites with 5 email accounts and same services which are offering in other plans.

And their best plan is $10 (Rs 690 approx.) in this plan you get everything unlimited like Unlimited SSD storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, and everything.

So you can choose your plan as per your monthly budget. Here I will suggest you to choose $1 plan for beginners and if your blog will grow which will definitely grow so you can migrate into their $3 or $5 plan.

Finally, friends, this is about the best and cheapest monthly web hosting service which I think is best for you. If you have any other good hosting service which is better then this so please comment below and if I find it good then I will approve it whether it has an affiliate link but please don’t spam.

I hope you will like this small article and if you like it so please share it among your friends and family members using the sharing button below it will only take a few seconds.

Thanks for reading and visit.

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