How to do perfect keyword placement while writing an article

Keyword Placement
Keyword Placement

How to do perfect keyword placement while writing an article: Hello everyone! today I want to talk about on ” How to do perfect keyword placement while writing an article”. 

Before explaining anything about keyword placement it is very important to know what are keywords because if you are not familiar with the keywords so you will face no traffic problem after publishing articles on any platform like Blogger or WordPress.

So, first of all, we will learn something about keywords and then we will learn about keyword placement.

What are keywords: In simple words, keywords are those words which we as a searcher enters into the search engine for getting the required and relevant results.

Suppose you want to cook Pasta but you don’t know how to cook it but you have the mobile and internet connection so what will you do. Obviously, you will open Google, Bing, Yandex or any other search engine and search this term ” How to cook Pasta” or ” Pasta Recipe” or ” Pasta cooking method” or thousands of others terms are there.

And these terms are known as keywords. Now it will clear for you what is the keyword, so they are just searching terms which we enter into the search engine and search engine also suggest us thousands of related terms or keywords.

Now come on the main topic which is “keyword placement” and if we do not know how to place keywords in articles properly so we cannot rank our article in the search engine because for ranking any article in the search engine it is important to rank a keyword and if we become successful in ranking any keyword so our website or blog start getting the organic traffic from search engine which will help us to make money online.

If you are on the WordPress platform so I will suggest you install a plugin which is known as Yoast SEO, using this plugin you can easily find out the placement of keywords because of its automatic function which will give you instructions. If you see my article then you will find I want to target the keyword ” Keyword placement” so you will find it into the permalink which is like this

In the heading section, I have also mentioned it in Bold and in Italic form. And try to write your focused keyword at least 7 times in your article which is great as per the Yoast SEO tips. For the WordPress users, it is not too much hard to place keywords at the right place but if you are a blogger user then write your article something like this:

Title: In the title section at least one time use your keyword.

Permalink: If you are a blogger user so on the right side you will find a permalink section place your keyword there.

Description: In the blog, description use your keyword there one time.

In the article: In the article at least use keyword 7 times and use a different type of formatting. Suppose your keyword is “Money Making” so use the keyword like the “Money Making”, Money Making“, “Money Making“. In this way, you have to use your keywords in articles.

In the blogger interface, they do not offer the Tag section. So at the bottom of your article write something like this:

Tags: Money Making, how to make money, online earning.

And please use only 5 tags otherwise your article will not rank.

So friends this is the method of keyword placement which you can use to rank your keyword and article with ease.

I hope you will like this small article and will learn something new from this article.

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