One of the best bluetooth headphones under Rs 1500

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One of the best Bluetooth headphones under Rs 1500: Hi Friends this is Shehbab Ali and today I want to talk about “One of the best Bluetooth headphones under Rs 1500″.

As we know that we are living in the digital world where everything is improving day by day like when we were child so we used to watch black and white televisions which quality was not too good but now if we see our modern televisions so we will find 3D televisions, Ultra HD televisions, Curved Televisions and much more.

Along with this our music and its quality is also increasing and improving day by day so many companies like Boat, Skull Candy, Sony, and many other well-known companies inventing and manufacturing something good and advance.

If we talk about the giant brand like Sony and Skull Candy so we will not find budget-friendly products like headphones so after searching a lot and researching a lot I have come up with the BoAt headphones which will fit into your budget and you will find a good modern music experience.

But here I am not talking about the wired headphones here I am going to talk about the Bluetooth headphones of BoAt company which is a very good and renowned company so stay tuned with this article because now I am going to tell everything about it.

BoAt Super Bass Rockerz 400 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones:

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After researching a lot I find this BoAt Bluetooth Headphones for you. This Bluetooth headphone is manufactured by BoAt company which is a famous headphone making company and now they are selling their Headphones at low prices also. The name of this model is BoAt Super Bass Rockerz 400 and you can buy these headphones in just Rs 1499 along with the free delivery.

These headphones work both with the Bluetooth and AUX cable. And if you listen to songs on it continuously so it will work about 8 hours and it has the stand by time of about 100 hours which BoAt company is declaring.

These headphones also come up with the noise cancellation technology which will help you to reduce the external sound while listening to music in the crowded area or while traveling in bus or trains.

If we talk about its compatibility so it is compatible with your mobile, Laptop, PC, etc.

This Bluetooth headphone is also very light because its weight is just about 109gm.

Now finally if we talk about its reviews on Amazon so you will find it good 47% of people give it 5 stars and 26% of people give it 4 stars. And in this price range, I think this is one of the best Bluetooth headphones which you can buy in this price range with a brand name.

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I hope this article will help you to buy good Bluetooth headphones. And please share this article among your friends and family members using the social media icons below.

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