How to generate online income by writing article in hindi

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Hello Friends! today in this article I want to talk about on ” How to generate online income by writing an article in Hindi.” So please read this complete article and share it also.

After the launch of JIO in India internet is like a common thing here. Now in India we do not care about our Net Balance or Data we just surf the internet and watch videos on Youtube, we read online stories, we play online server based games like PUBG or Free Fire, etc and in this way, we waste our Money and data.

But if you use our mind so you will find that there are thousands of opportunities are waiting for you in the online world where you can make a good amount of passive income which can be much higher then your Monthly Salary and there are many people are there who are earning a good amount of money online.

And I am not saying that you start data entry or captcha solving jobs. Here I want to talk about the work where you can make a good amount of money and the name of that work is blogging in Hindi. Yes, friends, you heard right blogging in Hindi by writing an article in Hindi.

If you ask me what is the best and easiest way to make money so I will say blogging because in blogging you just have to do 2 things 1st thing is the proper keyword research and the 2nd thing is to write your own good and unique content.

There was a time when Hindi was not allowed by Google for blogging but if we talk about the Google-supported languages then Google is now working on the Hindi language in India and the reason is the only one which is a large population of Internet Users.

If you start blogging by writing an article in Hindi then make sure your future is very bright and there is also very less competition in Hindi Blogging.

Now you may be thinking that who will read our Hindi articles and why?

So don’t worry friends after 2 to 3 years later your blog will make your millionaire like Harsh Agarwal, Jumedaan khan, blog owner, etc. They are those people who start a blog a few years back but now they are a millionaire because of their articles. If we talk about 2-3 years back so the competition was not too high especially in the English and Hinglish language. But now there is much more competition in these two languages.

But you still have the chance to make money online which is blogging in the Hindi language.

So why are you waiting for just create a blog on any platform like on blogger or WordPress and start writing an article in Hindi? I know in the beginning you will not get the traffic because there are very less Hindi readers are there in India but you just have to work daily and make sure after few months you will start generating online income from your Hindi blog.

I hope you will like this small article and it will help you to get motivated. So please share it among your friends and family members.

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